Welcome to the JupiterGaming web page.

We have the following servers:
Main server (mc.jbgame.tv:25565)
Alpha Station (see Alpha Station page for connection info)

Xonotic (look for “JupiterBroadcasting | LAS” in the server list)

To visit our community hub, please visit the link below:

If you want to view the main server Minecraft map, click the link below:


- The Voyager server has officially been retired, and can no longer be accessed. We are making the worlds available for download to the public, and will continue to offer the client, so that users can still have their own local copy of the server. A link to download it is provided below:

- We are actively working on bringing the remaining Minecraft server to version 1.7, and aim to have this done in time for the FauxShow on 2013-12-21.