UPDATE: The server is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. See the home page for a link to download the worlds.

UPDATE: Windows and Linux clients updated 2013-06-09


The Voyager Minecraft server requires client-side mods. Due to this, you cannot use the standard Minecraft launcher.

If you are running Windows and just want to get going immediately, download this client:

UPDATE 2013-01-12: Updated the Linux package to actually work.

If you are running Linux and just want to get going immediately, download this client:


For those of you who want to manually set up your client carry on reading.

The client that we officially support is MultiMC, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded from here:

You will also need the configuration files that Voyager uses, to ensure that you see the correct objects. This will need to be placed in .minecraft/config. It can be downloaded here:

Finally, we use the following mods, which have corresponding links to the correct versions.

Inside Minecraft.jar:

MinecraftForge –

CodeChickenCore-Client – 0.5.5

NotEnoughItems –

NotEnoughItems – Redpower Plugin –

NotEnoughItems – Railcraft Plugin –

Inside the Mods Folder:

Industrial Craft 2 – 1.103:

IC2 – AdvancedMachines – 4.1

IC2 – CompactSolars –

IC2 – NuclearControl – 1.1.10b

Backpack – 2.3.5

IronChests –

Railcraft – 5.3.3

EnderStorage – 1.1.3

RedPowerCore – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerControl – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerLighting – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerLogic – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerMachine – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerWiring – 2.0pr5b2

RedPowerWorld – 2.0pr5b2

Wireless Redstone CBE Core –

Wireless Redstone CBE RedPower –