Alpha Station

Are you a veteran Minecraft player who discovered the game when it was just emerging, or are you interested to see how it all began?

Alpha Station is an exciting new project, to re-create the multiplayer minecraft experience from late 2010. It will be the exact version and level seed of Minecraft that was originally used by JupiterColony when it first started.

With the new Minecraft launcher for version 1.6, you are now able to run any legacy version of the client natively.

After much work, we have also managed to recover a working version hMod from the correct period. If you haven’t heard of hMod before, it was a server package for Minecraft and was essentially the forerunner to CraftBukkit.

To connect to the server, follow these instructions:

1) Open your Minecraft launcher, and in the lower left corner of the screen, click “New Profile”.
2) Give your profile a name, something like “AlphaStation”.
3) Tick the “Allow use of old “Alpha” minecraft versions (From 2010)” box. Choose “yes” to the dialogue box that appears
4) In the “Use version” dropdown box, choose “old-alpha a1.1.2_01″.
5) Press the “Save Profile” button.

Now, make sure you have your new profile selected in the lower left of the screen. Once it is, press play. Lastly, you’ll need to enter the IP for the server once the game launches. The IP is:

We will be announcing a release date shortly. In the meantime, we will release some screenshots showing AlphaStation compared to the old private server. The screenshots are split into pairs, the top one is what the server currently looks like, and the bottom is of Alpha station, which demonstrates the same area before it was developed.

2013-08-25_14.10.38 jc1

Below: Glasscorp now and previous



Below: Sansui350A’s and Thisweekinlinux’s house

2013-08-25_14.15.25 jc3


Below: Pricetx’s and xCP23x’s buildings

2013-08-25_14.17.13 jc4

2013-08-25_14.23.14 jc5


Below: rikai’s tower

2013-08-25_14.25.40 jc6


Below: Spawn building

2013-08-25_14.41.41 jc7